• @syeda

    "To display your pictures in a wonderful way, this app will surely help."

    Product : Spinner 360

  • @fourpixel2010

    "This is a great product and worked just as promised and very easy to use. Excellent technical support."

    Product : Spinner 360

  • @Lajti

    With nanoScroller, you can create a html code scroll inside a module. I wanted to put a big article inside an article. Because the nanoScroller content can't be too big, and this is a module (not plugin), I had to use article anywhere and modules anywhere plugins. With those, I exactly gave, what I want. This is the only content scroller, what's free! Thanks!

    Product : nanoScroller

  • @WebJIVE

    "With Article Factory getting long in the tooth on looks, we decided to try this one and we're pleasantly surprised. We had an issue with the initial installation and the development team had us a fix just a day or so after reporting. Well worth the $$ spent."

    Product : My Content & Workflow

  • @Ofer1984

    "I would like to thank the support team of Dev CMSPlugin for the great support they provide.
    Response time is beyond my expectations and the detailed explanation about every question I've asked is super professional."

    "Thank you very much for everything"

    Product : Canonical URL

  • @Stumitch

    "I've tried all the others, the free ones don't work because they don't put the canonical URL in the correct format. This one does and it's not expensive. Buy it, install it, activate it and forget about it and let it do it's job. At least someone got it right! Many thanks for saving me a big bag of time with not having to code the canonicals in by hand."

    Product : Canonical URL

  • @markb11

    "Make sharing more easier for you, if you don't want to show social media buttons you can customise them the way you want. I have used it for my websites and it really makes sharing easier to all major social media."

    Product : Krahang

  • @netician

    "Appointments for JomSocial fits seamless into JomSocial and adds some very useful features to Joomla sites whose members might want to offer teaching, online consulting etc. Their support is friendly and can be relied upon to go the extra mile.
    All in all a very well implemented solution for offering appointment booking functionality to the users of any Joomla/JomSocial website."

    Product : Appointments for JomSocial


    "Very easy and complete extension for canonical url management. It works well with other extensions as easyblog or Virtuemart. The support team is great. Good delay time and detailed explanations."

    "Thanks for that time saver plugin."

    Product : Canonical URL

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  • Flexible Form

    Flexible Form is component to generate Forms and Fields. Flexible Form can be validated as text, number, email, min-max Length of data and export them to CSV format. VIEW
  • Spinner 360

    Spinner 360 is a system to manage images to rotate 360 degrees that are displayed through module. Spinner360 supports to Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x VIEW
  • Appointments for JomSocial

    Appointments for JomSocial helps communication between users in JomSocial is a lot more convenient. VIEW
  • Canonical Url

    Canonical Url is the best solution for duplicate urls in your website. It helps you deal with unwanted urls or query strings by adding the meta tag of the main url. VIEW
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